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Access and usage models

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Please find more information in the online documentation of your selected system.


Access to the HLRS compute servers is possible using following methods

  • Interactive access using ssh - other protocols like telnet, rsh ... are not supported.
  • High performance data transfer using GridFTP

The frontend/login nodes are behind a firewall. Access and file transfer is only possible for registered IP addresses (your external IP). If your IP address changes regularly or you have to work from different locations, please use our VPN service.

How to get an account


In general three types of jobs are supported

  • Interactive This jobs are intended for small tests and development tasks like debugging. Resources, like number of nodes, memory, cpu-time are very limited for this type of jobs.
  • Batch Jobs This type of jobs is used for production runs
  • Heterogenous Jobs This special type of batch jobs utilizes multiple type of execution nodes within a job. For example graphic nodes and cluster nodes.

Data Handling

The user HOME space is limited in terms of size and performance. Computational jobs run inside a Work_space. This Work_space is for active projects only and has a limited life time. If a project gets inactive for some reason, the user has to save its data to an archive system e.g. High Performance Storage System (HPSS).

Mailing Lists

To provide users with important information about HWW systems such as announcements, problems, planned downtimes and emergency maintenances, several mailing lists have been created. With the creation of your account your e-mail address will be added to the corresponding mailing list hwwsysnews-resource. Please keep your contact details up to date so that we can send you important information. If your contact information changes, please contact your project manager.

   The generic mailing list hwwsysnews no longer exists.