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Accessing the System

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Main entry point for usage of SX-9 system are the frontend systems

  • ontake.hww.de
  • yari.hww.de

Those systems can be used to compile applications for SX-9 and to submit and monitor batch jobs running on SX-9.


You should recompile applications for SX-9, as well as SX-8 binaries will run. But recompilation will end in higher execution speed.

For compilation you can use the crosscompilers, they are prefixed with sx.

  • sxf90
  • sxcc
  • sxc++
  • sxmpif90
  • sxmpicc
  • sxmpic++
  • sxar
  • sxcpp
  • sxmake

Linked libraries are found in /SX in the frontends, but that searchpath is implicit, and has not to be specified. But make sure your Makefiles do not include -I /usr/include, that ends in wrong header included in C programs.


For details of batch jobs see Batch system, the most used commands to manipulate jobs are

  • qsub for submission
  • qstat for monitoring
  • qs for site specific monitoring (you see all jobs, not only yours)
  • qdel for aborting a job
  • qalter to change an existing job
  • qcat to see output of a running job