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CAE utilities

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A collection of small helper scripts.

module load cae

will you take care that these are found when called through the commandline or e.g. a job script.


generate a job script based on a template

qgen -h

will print some help and

qgen -l

will list all available templates found in the QGEN_TEMPLATE_PATH One of these templates is "test", which doesn't need any further arguments.

qgen test

A job file will be printed. Save this job file to "test.pbs" and compare it with the template:

qgen -o test.pbs test
tkdiff test.pbs /app/rus/struct/bin/qgen_templates/test

(If there's no X avaiable, replace tkdiff with e.g. sdiff) qgen just replaces some placeholders within the template. Everyone can expand the system writing own templates. The default path for these files is ~/qgen_templates The job script can also be directly submitted:

qgen --submit test

However, omitting the -o option, the executed job script will not be saved. In general, templates require additional options. The help might give you a hint at the end, e.g.

qgen -h abaqus

There's also a simple template to execute a single command:

qgen --submit cmd top -b -n 1

The output of the command "top -b -n 1" can be found in the cmd*.o* file.