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CRAY XC40 Support

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We provide a FAQ section which will be extended continuously.

Support / Feedback

Finally please feel free to contact us.

How can I get information of important things for HWW users?

  • Subscribe to the mailing list hwwsysnews. There will be send announcements of maintenance schedules, informations for new software versions etc. You may subscribe at a web page or write an email to hwwsysnews-request@listserv.uni-stuttgart.de with the subject subscribe.

For direct support, please contact:

System Administrators:
    1. Bernd Krischok
    2. Martin Hecht
    3. Uwe Sauter
    4. Thomas Beisel
User Management
    1. Thomas Bönisch
Software Tools / Development / Parallelisation
    1. Jose Gracia
    2. Christoph Niethammer
    3. Andreas Ruopp
    1. Martin Bernreuther
    2. Andreas Ruopp