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CRAY XE6 Getting Started

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Welcome to HWW System CRAY XE6 named HERMIT

  • The Cray Application Developer's Environment User's Guide (PDF) is a good starting point. It describes the software environment and tools used to develop, debug, and run applications on Cray XT and Cray XE systems. It is intended as a general overview and introduction to the Cray system for new users and application programmers. The information contained in this guide is of necessity fairly high-level and generalized, as the Cray platform supports a wide variety of hardware nodes as well as many different compilers, debuggers, and other software tools.


The frontend nodes are accessible as hermit1.hww.de and are intended as single point of access to the entire cluster. Here you can set your environment, move your data, edit and compile your programs and create batch scripts. Interactive usage like run your program which leads to a high load is NOT allowed on the frontend/login node.
The compute nodes for running parallel jobs are only available through the Batch system !