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CRAY XE6 Hardware and Architecture

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Hardware of Installation step 0

  • 84 compute nodes / 1344 cores
    • dual socket G34
      • 2x Opteron(tm) Processor 6128 (Magny-Cours) mit 8 Cores @ 2 GHz
      • 512KB L2 Cache, 12MB L3 Cache
      • HyperTransport HT3, 6.4GT/s=102.4 GB/s
      • 2*8= 16 Cores/Node, Peak Performance: 2CPUs*8Cores/CPU*2GCycle/s*4FLOP/Cycle= 128 GFLOP/s
    • 32GB memory
  • 12 service nodes
    • 6-Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 23 (D0)
      • 2.2GHz
      • 16GB memory
  • High Speed Network CRAY Gemini
  • LSI FibreChannel RAID System (SATA)
    • Parallel Filesystem
      • Lustre version 1.8.2
      • capacity 11 TB
      • 3 OST's, 1 MDS, Network Gemini
  • System Management Workstation (SMW)


  • System Management Workstation (SMW)
    • system administrator's console for managing a Cray system like monitoring, installing/upgrading software, controls the hardware, starting and stopping the XE6 system.
  • service nodes are classified in:
    • login nodes (xe601.hww.de) for users to access the system
    • boot nodes which provides the OS for all other nodes, licenses,...
    • network nodes which provides e.g. external network connections for the compute nodes
    • Cray Data Virtualization Service (DVS): is an I/O forwarding service that can parallelize the I/O transactions of an underlying POSIX-compliant file system.
    • sdb node for services like ALPS, torque, moab, cray management services,...
    • I/O nodes for e.g. lustre
    • MOM (torque) nodes for placing user jobs of the batch system in to execution


  • Cray Linux Environment (CLE) 3.1 operating system
  • Operating System is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 11
  • Cray Gemini interconnection network
  • Cluster Compatibility Mode (CCM) functionality enables cluster-based independent software vendor (ISV) applications to run without modification on Cray systems.
  • Batch System: torque, moab
  • many development tools available:


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