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CRAY XE6 access

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The only way to access the CRAY XE6 (frontend/login nodes) from outside HWW net is through ssh. Information on how to set up ssh can be found on our webserver at Secure Shell (ssh) and on CRAY Logging In.

Usage Notice!

At the moment there is only one frontend/login node for users available:

  • hermit1.hww.de

The frontend node is intended as single point of access to the entire cluster. Here you can set your environment, move your data, edit and compile your programs and create batch scripts.

Warning: Interactive usage like runing your program which leads to a high load is NOT allowed on the frontend/login node.

The compute nodes for running parallel jobs are only available through the Batch system !

FAQ / Support / Feedback / Informations

We provide a FAQ section specific to XE6 related informatio, which will be extended continuously. Please be sure, to also search in the other general sections of the HLRS' plattform WIKI.

Finally please feel free to contact us.