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Allinea DDT helps developers fix bugs quickly - from the desktop to the largest supercomputer. The most scalable parallel debugger for debugging MPI and multi-threaded codes, DDT leads the world in performance and usability.
Developer: Allinea
Platforms: NEC Nehalem Cluster
Category: Debugger
License: Commercial
Website: Allinea homepage


DDT is available through modules

module load debugger/ddt

Note: Do not forget to compile your application with debugging info (-g option)


starting the application from inside DDT

Set up the environment

module load debugger/forge module load mpi/openmpi

Compile your application

mpicc -g your_app.c -o your_app

Start DDT:

ddt your_app

Select the right MPI Implementation in the Options and run your program.

Hazel Hen special

To debug a program with ddt on Hazel Hen you have to use the Reverse Connection feature. Therefore first launch ddt on a login node:

module load forge

Load the forge module in your job script or interactive job and modify your aprun command line therein

module load forge
ddt --connect aprun ...

Nec Nehalem Cluster special

If you want to debug a parallel Program using Open MPI with DDT on the NEC Nehalem Cluster select 'OpenMPI (Compatibility)' as the desired MPI Implementation.

Cray XT5m special

If your program does IO take care to start an interactive session from the correct directory.

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