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Allinea DDT helps developers fix bugs quickly - from the desktop to the largest supercomputer. The most scalable parallel debugger for debugging MPI and multi-threaded codes, DDT leads the world in performance and usability.
Developer: Allinea
Platforms: NEC Nehalem Cluster
Category: Debugger
License: Commercial
Website: Allinea homepage


DDT is available through modules

module load debugger/ddt

Note: Do not forget to compile your application with debugging info (-g option)


starting the application from inside DDT

Get an interactive job and set up the environment within

module load debugger/forge
module load mpi/openmpi

Compile your application

mpicc -g your_app.c -o your_app

Start DDT:

ddt your_app

Select the right MPI implementation in the options and run your program.

Hazel Hen special

To debug a program with ddt on Hazel Hen you have to use the Reverse Connection feature. Therefore first launch ddt on a login node:

module load forge

Load the forge module in your job script or interactive job and modify your aprun command line therein

module load forge
ddt --connect aprun ...

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