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The Extrae library allows MPI communication events of a parallel program to be recorded as a trace file. Additionally, certain program-specific events can also be included. To record MPI communication events, simply run the program with the Extrae library preloaded.
Developer: BSC
Platforms: NEC Nehalem Cluster
Category: Performance Analyzer
License: GPL
Website: Extrae homepage



First load the needed software module:

module load performance/extrae

Then create a configuration file for the extrae run. Commented templates can be found under $EXTRAE_HOME/share/example.

Now set up the environment for the run.

export LD_PRELOAD=$EXTRAE_HOME/lib/libmpitrace.so
export EXTRAE_CONFIG_FILE=extrae.xml

Finally run your application as usual. This will generate the needed tracefiles.

Viewing traces with Paraver

To create a tracefile which is viewable with Paraver we have to convert the generated traces to a prv file

mpi2prv -f TRACE.mpits -o output.prv

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