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== Disk storage ==
Home directories as well as workspaces are handled in the same way as on Hazel Hen, so please cf. [[CRAY_XC40_Disk_Storage | Storage Description ]] regarding details.
== Pre- and post processing ==
Within HLRS simulation environment special nodes for pre- and post processing tasks are available. Such nodes could be requested via the batch system (follow this link for more info).
Available nodes are
    4 nodes 2 TB Memory 2 Socket AMD ...x TB local storage  shared usage model
    1 Node  4 TB Memory 2 Socket AMD    x TB local storage  shared usage model
more specialized nodes e.g. graphics, vector, DataAnalytics, ... are available in the [[NEC_Cluster_Hardware_and_Architecture_(vulcan)|Vulcan cluster]]
== Manuals ==
== Manuals ==

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Warning: HAWK is currently in the set up phase. For more details about the timing please see the Hawk installation schedule.
Warning: Please have in mind that the system is currently under construction. Hence, modifications might occur and the observed performance can vary.





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