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* [[Batch_System_PBSPro_(Hawk)|Batch System]]
* [[Batch_System_PBSPro_(Hawk)|Batch System]]
* [[Module environment(Hawk)|Module Environment]]
* [[Module environment(Hawk)|Module Environment]]
* [[Storage_(Hawk)| Storage Description ]] regarding details.
* [[Storage_(Hawk)| Storage Description ]]
* [[Compiler(Hawk)|Compiler]]
* [[Compiler(Hawk)|Compiler]]
* [[MPI(Hawk)|MPI]]
* [[MPI(Hawk)|MPI]]

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Warning: HAWK is currently in the set up phase. For more details about the timing please see the Hawk installation schedule.
Warning: Please have in mind that the system is currently under construction. Hence, modifications might occur and the observed performance can vary.





Help for Wiki Usage

Disk storage

Home directories as well as workspaces are handled in the same way as on Hazel Hen, so please cf. Storage Description regarding details.

Pre- and post processing

Within HLRS simulation environment special nodes for pre- and post processing tasks are available. Such nodes could be requested via the batch system (follow this link for more info). Available nodes are

    4 nodes 2 TB Memory 2 Socket AMD ...x TB local storage   shared usage model
    1 Node  4 TB Memory 2 Socket AMD    x TB local storage   shared usage model

more specialized nodes e.g. graphics, vector, DataAnalytics, ... are available in the Vulcan cluster




Batch system: