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HPE Hawk access

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The only way to access the HPE Hawk (frontend/login nodes) from outside HWW net is through ssh.
Information on how to set up ssh can be found on our webserver at Secure Shell (ssh).

Note: Please check Terms of use. We ask you to provide us with your experience regarding usage and performance.


There are several frontend/login nodes available, access is available using:

or by seelecting one specific server:

  • hawk-login03.hww.hlrs.de
  • hawk-login04.hww.hlrs.de
  • hawk-login05.hww.hlrs.de

It is highly recommended to use the loadbalancer (hawk.hww.hlrs.de) instead of a specific frontend (hawk-loginxx.hww.hlrs.de), as not all frontends are permanently available

The frontend nodes are intended as single point of access to the entire system. Here you can set your environment, move your data, edit and compile your programs and create batch scripts. Interactive usage like run your program which leads to a high load is NOT allowed on the frontend/login nodes.

The compute nodes:

  • r1?c?t?n?

for running parallel jobs are only available through the Batch system !