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Hawk installation schedule

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This page will be updated as new information becomes available. Please be aware, HPC systems are made out of leading edge components. If one of this components is delayed, the complete schedule will change. Do not take this schedule too serious...

time frame action
end of May 2019 Installation of a small test system
September 2nd ... 6th maintenance and preparation

of infrastructure (1st part).

November 25th ... 28th Reduce Cray XC40 HazelHen to ~3800 Nodes and

preparation of infrastructure for Hawk

January 2020 Installation of 8 racks Hawk, storage, pre-post servers, ...

integration, testing, setup for users

January (~3rd week) Test Phase for pilot users ~ 3 weeks
February 11 2020 Final shutdown and decommission of Hazel Hen

and preparation of infrastructure for the complete installation of Hawk

until Februar 18th complete Hawk hardware installation
until March 1st testing, and integrate aadditional racks into

first phase

more later Acceptance and production