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Hornet Cray XC-30

Cray XC-30 at HLRS is the test and development system for the next phase supercomputer installation in Y2014. This system is available for users without any guarantee of service classes. Reboots, configuration changes, downtime, ... may take place at any time without further notification. The goal of this system is to prepare the infrastructure for the production system to be ready with the filesystems, frontend, pre- and postprocessing servers before the production system arrives.

  * batch system may be slurm (new) or moab (same as hermit)
  * due to incompatible version of filesystem software the workspace area is not accessable from the hornet system
  * a separat filesystem is provided for computationl tasks. NOT for long term storage
  * In no circumstances run computational tasks within the HOME filesystem. If we find a user which is writing large 
    amount of data into the HOME filesystem, the projekt on hornet will be disabled immediatly!