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Warning: FINAL SHUTDOWN of cluster laki: October 31st

Due to the outdated software version on the Laki cluster, and the upcoming installation of the new cluster named Vulcan, we would like to inform you how we plan to migrate the production from the old Cluster to Vulcan:

   - All active projects on Laki will automatically
     get access to Vulcan.
   - Login to Vulcan will be possible starting
     from October 1st  2018
   - The Lustre workspace filesystem and the users Home
     filesystems will be identical on both clusters
     (Laki and Vulcan).
   - Compute nodes will be moved from Laki to Vulcan.
     The following time schedule is planned:
       * 10/01-17: start moving special node types
                  (graphics nodes, large memory nodes, ...)
       * 10/08 :start moving SandyBridge nodes to Vulcan
       * 10/10: start moving Haswell (hsw128gb10c) nodes to Vulcan
       * 10/15: start moving Haswell (hsw128gb12c) nodes to Vulcan
   - Final shutdown of Laki
     (all queued jobs on Laki will be deleted): October 31st
   - The operating system on Vulcan will be based on CentOS 7.
   - The batch system will be PBSPro.
- accounting of the cluster nodes will be changed from core hours (Laki) to node hours (Vulcan).

The NEC Cluster is part of a heterogenious computing platform (Projekt name Baku). This Project has 2 independent PC-Clusters installed in 2 different buildings. The based parts are named Laki and Laki2.



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