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Module environment(Hawk)

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Hints for users

A module environment is used on Hawk in order to allow for flexibly choosing software to be used out of a large set. In order to use a particular software, you first have to load the respective module. A set of default modules is already loaded after login.

A new implementation of the module command is used on Hawk in order to allow for improved user experience. However, the same sub-commands are available as known from former systems. The layout of outputs yet slightly differs.

Basic commands:

  • show available modules: module avail or module avail <substring to be searched for>
  • show brief description for a given module: module whatis <modulename>
  • (un)load a module: module (un)load <modulename>
  • swap modules: module swap <old module> <new module>
  • show loaded modules: module list
  • show help for a specific module: module help <modulename>
  • search for keywords (e.g. “compiler”, “debugger”, etc.) in module descriptions: module keyword <keyword>

Please have a look on here w.r.t. further functionality.