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* sxc++
* sxc++
* sxmpif90
* sxmpif90
* sxmpif03
* sxmpicc
* sxmpicc
* sxmpic++
* sxmpic++

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Main entry point for usage of SX-ACE system is the frontend systems

  • kabuki.hww.de

This system can be used to compile applications for SX-ACE and to submit and monitor batch jobs running on SX-ACE.


The only way to access the NEC SX-ACE (frontend systems) from outside HWW net is through ssh.
Information on how to set up ssh can be found on our webserver at Secure Shell (ssh).


You should recompile applications for SX-ACE, as well as SX-9 and SX-8 binaries will run. But recompilation will end in higher execution speed.

For compilation you can use the crosscompilers, they are prefixed with sx.

  • sxf90
  • sxf03
  • sxcc
  • sxc++
  • sxmpif90
  • sxmpif03
  • sxmpicc
  • sxmpic++
  • sxar
  • sxcpp
  • sxmake

Linked libraries are found in /SX in the frontend, but that searchpath is implicit and has not to be specified. But make sure your Makefiles do not include -I /usr/include, that ends in wrong (linux) header included in C programs.

Blas/lapack can be linked usling -lblas or -llapack, no path specification needed.


For details of batch jobs see batch system, the most used commands to manipulate jobs are

  • qsub for submission
  • qstat for monitoring
  • qs for site specific monitoring (you see all jobs in start order, not only yours)
  • qdel for aborting a job
  • qalter to change an existing job
  • qcat to see output of a running job