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compute nodes

The HLRS SX-9 installation consists of 8 nodes SX-9 with

  • 16 CPUs each node
  • 512GB memory per node

The CPUs main features are

  • 8 pipesets (SX-8 had 4)
  • 3.2 Ghz clock
  • 2 add and 2 multiply per pipeset
  • 102.4 gflops peak performance
  • 256 gbyte/sec memory bandwidth

The 8 nodes are interconnected using an IXS switch, each node has a peak transfer performance of 32GB/s both directions.

The nodes connect to the filesystems with 4 2gbit FC channels.


the frontends which are used as access gateways, for crosscompiling and for interaction with batch system are 2 NEC Express5800 140-rf4, each having 4 2.93 ghz quadcore intel xeon CPUs and 18 GB of RAM.