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Scalasca is an open-source toolset for the performance analyzes of parallel applications helping to identify optimization opportunities. It has been specifically designed for the use on large-scale systems including Cray XT/XE, but is also well-suited for small- and medium-scale HPC platforms. Scalasca supports an incremental performance-analysis procedure that integrates runtime summaries with in-depth studies of concurrent behavior via event tracing, adopting a strategy of successively refined measurement configurations. A distinctive feature is the ability to identify wait states that occur, for example, as a result of unevenly distributed workloads.
Developer: JSC
Category: Performance Analyzer
License: New BSD
Website: Scalasca homepage


To use Scalsca first load the respective software module:

module load performance/scalasca

First instrument your application using the scin (scalasca -instrument) command and the MPI compiler

skin mpicc myapp.c -o myapp

Then analyze your application using the scan (scalasca -analyze) command and mpirun

scan mpirun -np ${NP} myapp

The last step is to explore the generated reports by rerunning your application using the square (scalasca -examine) command:

square mpirun -np ${NP} myapp

To view the final results you then can use the Cube3 GUI


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