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* [[MKL]]
* [[MKL]]
* [[Vampirtrace]]
* [[Vampirtrace]]
* [[PAPI]]
===Software Development Tools===
===Software Development Tools===

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All platforms at HLRS have several Software Development Tools, Compilers & Libraries installed in order to suit your development needs. We distinguish the tools by the way the environment variables (e.g. library paths) are set on the system. The first category of tools are generally available when logging in - their environment variables are set in a conventional way on the operating system. The second category of tools are using the module command in order to set their environment variables.

Before your start with the development of your code, please be sure to read the General HWW Documentation.

Available Software Development Tools, Compilers & Libraries

Compilers and Language Extensions


Software Development Tools

How-tos, Tricks & Tipps

Performance Optimization

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