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Workspace migration

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User migration on new workspaces

In December 2016 the workspaces installed in 2011 with the Cray Xe6 System Hermit will be replaced. In preparation for this task, users have to migrate their workspaces onto the replacement filesystems. Run the command ws_list -a on a frontend system to display the path for all your workspaces, if path names matches workspaces in following table, this workspace needs to be migrated.

File System alias mounted on
ws1 univ_1 /lustre/cray/ws1
ws3 univ_2 /lustre/cray/ws3
ws3 univ_2 /lustre/cray/ws3
ws4 res_1 /lustre/cray/ws4
ws5 ind_2 /lustre/cray/ws6
ws6 res_2 /lustre/cray/ws6

before you start

Migration for large amount of data consumes a lot of IO ressources. Please review and remove data which you do not need any more.

How to proceed ( Version 1)

  • Users have got access to the replacement Workspaces. To find out which one, try following command:
    • ws_allocate –F ws7 test_ws 5 # if this command run successful, you should prepare your Jobs using this workspace and submit all new compute Jobs utilizing this workspace.
    • If above command fails, following command should work: ws_allocate –F ws8 test _ws 5 # if not contact your project supervisor.
  • Run all new submitted Jobs within workspaces in the new location.
  • Migrate data from the “old” location into the fresh created workspace (please double check this target directory is located in either ws7 or ws8 directory tree).

to migrate we suggest following command: rsync -a Old_ws new_ws

  • On November 7th 2016 the default will be changed. Please ensure your jobs are using the new workspace directory
  • On December 7th the “old” workspaces ws1, … ws6 will be disconnected from the Cray system. The Filesystems will be available on the frontend systems for data migration until 11th January 2017
  • January 15th 2017 all data on the old filesystems will be removed.

Operation of the workspaces will be changed:

  • To create a workspace or extend an existent workspace, an interactive shell is necessary.
  • Due to a drop of performance on high usage of quota, no job of any group member will be scheduled for computation as long as the group quota exceeds 80%. All blocked group members get a notice by E-mail (if a valid address is registered)
  • accounting

Please read https://kb.hlrs.de/platforms/index.php/Storage_usage_policy