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Berkeley UPC

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Berkeley UPC is a portable, high performance implementation of UPC for large-scale multiprocessors, PC clusters, and clusters of shared memory multiprocessors which is actively developed by the Berkeley UPC compiler group as an open-source UPC compiler suite.
Developer: Berkeley UPC compiler group
Platforms: NEC Nehalem Cluster, BW Grid
Category: Language Extension
License: proprietary
Website: Berkeley UPC homepage


simple example

This example shows how to use Berkeley UPC using an interactive job (-I option)

qsub -l nodes=2:ppn=8,walltime=6:0:0 -I

Load the necessary module

module load compiler/upc

Compile your application

upcc your_app.upc -o your_app

Run your program using 16 processes with 8 processes per node

upcrun -n 16 -N 8 your_app

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