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Cray UPC

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Cray UPC Cray UPC is an UPC implementation compatible with SHMEM, Cray Fortran co-arrays, and MPI.
Developer: Cray
Platforms: Cray XT5m
Category: Language Extension
License: commercial
Website: Cray UPC homepage

Note: Cray UPC is only available on Cray XT5m at the moment.


simple example

This example shows the basic usage of Cray UPC using an interactive job on the Cray XT5m

qsub -lwalltime=4:0:0 -lmppwidth=16 -lmppnppn=8 -I

Load your desired environment

module load ProgEnv-cray

Compile your application with cc

cc your_app.upc -o your_app

Run your application

aprun -n 16 -N 8 your_app

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