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HPE Hawk

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Hawk is the next generation HPC system at HLRS. It will replace the existing HazelHen system. The installation is planed to take place in Q4 2019. For more detailed information see the Hawk installation schedule.

This Page is under construction!

Best Practises for Software Installation

Best practices for software installation on Hawk is describe on a separate (internal) wiki page Software Installation on Hawk.


Login-Node: hawk-tds-login2.hww.hlrs.de

Note: Access to the Hawk TDS is limited to support staff at the moment. Please check the Hawk installation schedule for details about the start of user access.

Batch System

Batch System PBSPro (Hawk)


In order to use the MPI implementation provided by HPE, please load the Message Passing Toolkit (MPT) module mpt (not ABI-compatible to other MPI implementations) or hmpt (ABI-compatible to MPICH-derivatives). For detailed information see the HPE Message Passing Interface (MPI) User Guide.

Test cases best practices

Test cases will help to identify and determine the scaling/ performance behavior of the new system. Ideally, those test cases can be compared to other systems as well to get a full picture.

To do:

  • Definition of a best practice guideline on how to set up a correct test case
    • Only measurement of time-stepping loop or equivalent excluding the initialization phase or cleanup
    • Well defined measure of computational progress (e.g. LUPS, DoF-UPS, Iterations/s or Flop/s)
    • Ideally, the test case is mostly automated with scripts and does also the evaluation on top with a meaningful result file