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NEC Aurora Batch System

From HLRS Platforms

to get a node for interactive testing:

qsub -q vector -l select=1:node_type=aurora:mpiprocs=24,walltime=3600 -I

to get multiple nodes, use accordingly

qsub -q vector -l select=2:node_type=aurora:mpiprocs=24,walltime=3600 -I

Within the job, you can use a little helper script. As NEC MPI does not (yet) support the PBSPro batch system, the integration does not work as described in MPI manual.

To ease the construction of the command line, which has to list all nodes, a little helper script vempihelper is provided for the HLRS installation.


Put 8 processes on each VE in all hosts in the batch job

mpirun $(vempihelper -vennp 8 -nve 8)  ./osu_mbw_mr

Put 1 process on each VE in all hostst in the batch job

mpirun $(vempihelper -vennp 1 -nve 8)  ./osu_mbw_mr

To verify the process placement, use

mpirun -v

which will print how many processes are created on which VE in which node.