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NEC Aurora difference

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How does it differ from SX-ACE and previous SX models?

in many ways.

  • it is affordable and low power (VE card is below 300W and competitive to GPU pricing, it is affordable for workstations)
  • it tries to follow standards and de-facto industry standards, it tries to blend in, by being little endian, by using glibc and linux where possible
  • as easy to program as previous machines, but also usable as accelerator
  • much more open, ISA documentation is public, VEOS sourcecode is opensource, YOU can write your own compiler!
  • targeting also ML and data analytics, with some unique software available

How does it differ from favorite x86-64?

  • memory bandwidth, > 1TB/s in one card in <300W.
  • less but strong cores, 192 FP operations per core per cycle (AMD Rome 16, intel cascade lake 32)
  • less memory (48GB) but fast memory (HBM2)