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Do you sometimes miss the possibility to sit in front of a common terminal with a remote colleague while corporately trying to solve a problem? If so, tmate (https://tmate.io/) might be a beneficial tool. It "copies" the content of your terminal to a second one residing on another computer while the remote teammate can also hack in commands (cf. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is_VpIx3Z4M). If you combine this with an audio channel (via phone, video conference, etc.), it's almost as sitting in front of the same "physical" terminal.

On Hawk, tmate is available via the module tmate/2.4.0:

$> module load tmate
$> tmate

After having started tmate this way, just copy the ssh command shown on screen and send it to your teammate:


By using that command on hawk.hww.hlrs.de , your teammate can sync his/her terminal with yours.

At the moment, tmate is available on Hawk only. If you like to use it on Vulcan, please 'pair' your terminals on Hawk and login to Vulcan afterwards. It is planned to directly provide this service on Vulcan as soon as RHEL8 is used there.