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HPE Hawk

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Hawk is the next generation HPC system at HLRS. It will replace the existing HazelHen system. The installation is planed to take place in Q4 2019. For more detailed information see the Hawk installation schedule.

This Page is under construction!

The information below applies to the Test and Development System (TDS) which is similar to the future Hawk production system. Please have in mind that this is a system under construction. Hence modifications might occur without announcement and stuff may not work as expected from time to time!


Login-Node: hawk-tds-login1.hww.hlrs.de

Note: Access to the Hawk TDS is possible now on request. In case you have early access, we ask you to provide us with your experience regarding usage and performance (approximately have a page) once a month.

Tutorial slides

Tutorial Slides from HLRS Results & Review Workshop 2019





In order to use the MPI implementation provided by HPE, please load the Message Passing Toolkit (MPT) module mpt (not ABI-compatible to other MPI implementations) or hmpt (ABI-compatible to MPICH-derivatives). For detailed information see the HPE Message Passing Interface (MPI) User Guide. Furthermore, please us the compiler wrappers mpif77 / mpif90 / mpif08 / mpicc / mpicxx.



Disk storage

Home directories as well as workspaces are handled in the same way as on Hazel Hen, so please cf. Storage Description regarding details.

Batch System

Batch System

Best Practises for Software Installation

Best practices for software installation on Hawk is described on a separate (internal) wiki page Software Installation on Hawk.